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Welcome To Hester's Family Farm

We are a small breeding farm and specialize in raising registered, high quality, naturally gaited, and intelligent Tennessee Walkers and Spotted Saddle Horses.

We have selected top of the line Tennessee Walking Horses with excellent conformations, wonderful dispositions; preserving the natural running walk with dedication then adding the bonus of unique color. We imprint our foals and continue with gentle training methods to raise trustworthy, sensible and loving companions for life. Our horses are proven to be versatile. They have been proven for show, trail ride, sport horse, endurance, jumping, pleasure and other competitions. Check out our horses to find your next show horse or trail horse with all the pleasures of a smooth ride!

We have added a naturally gaited, conformational correct stud with a unique genetic make-up. He is a top of the line Tennessee Walker stallion with a gentle and loving disposition. Our rare double homozygous agouti and cream perlino Tennessee Walking Horse stud is going to produce an outstanding line of Tennessee Walking foals. We look forward to breeding him and will consider standing him at stud in the future. This beautiful boy will produce buckskins 100% of the time with all homozygous black mares and 75% buckskin and 25% palomino with all heterozygous black mares. You will have a 50% chance for a buckskin and a 50% chance for a palomino out of all chestnut and sorrel mares. Email to see the color possibilities to be produced with our stud and your mare.

We offer quality Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses for sale at all times. We will have quality Tennessee Walking mares in foal guaranteed to have a buckskin, palomino, cremello or perlino foal when bred to our Double Homozygous Agouti and Cream gene Tennessee Walker stallion. All of our Tennessee Walker fillies and Tennessee Walker colts will carry at least one agouti gene. Occasionally some Tennessee Walking foals will be homozygous Agouti and/or homozygous cream.

We offer several special opportunities for you. For those of you that are close, you have the option to lease one of our gentle horses by the month or year at our farm. You get to enjoy all the benefits of owning a horse without all of the costs. You may lease a mare from us and breed her to our stud to get a high quality, naturally gaited, colorful foal. We offer trail rides by the hour. It is a great opportunity to slow down, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Gift certificates are available for trail rides. They make great gifts for the horselover in your life. Call or email for more information and rates. We offer riding lessons to all ages over 5 years old. You can get familiar with a gaited horse or connect with the horse you purchase. We will consider payment options for any of our horses or donkeys purchased. We will be happy to board any of our horses purchased. Please email or call to find out more about these special services.

The Hester's welcome you to come and visit our wonderful herd. We are conveniently located mid way between Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio with easy access off I-71, I-75, and I-275.

We love and enjoy our miniature donkeys! Our miniature donkeys are of top quality with selective purchases made from top breeding and show farms. They represent the quality desired in the miniature donkey and are all registered with ADMS. Most of all they are all sweet, loving, and sociable with everyone!

Miniature DonkeysMiniature Donkeys
Miniature DonkeysMiniature Donkeys

We are blessed to own beautiful and gentle donkeys. We have the pleasure to display them along with our hand painted sign about "How The Donkey Came To Have Its Cross". We have displayed them in programs to reach out to others through our church. We display them each year next to our church's nativity scene. The pictures shown above are from Christmas in Blanchester 2011. Everyone enjoys stopping by to visit our donkeys and read our sign.

We just love our miniature donkeys and invite you to join us in the wonderful world of long ears. We will have some available for sale from time to time. Check back often to see if we have your next loving companion for life.

Hester's Family Farm
Carla & Greg Hester
Morrow, OH 45152

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