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Royal Palm Turkeys *** Gorgeous from show stock ***

Name: Royal Palm Turkeys *** Gorgeous from show stock ***
Description: DAY OLD Poults

We are taking prepaid orders for Royal Palm Poults to hatch in the spring.

***Day old Royal Palm poults are $13/poult. Day old pricing is available with prepaid orders.
$15/up to a week old.
All poults sell as straight run.

Pick up at the farm.


Royal Palm Hatching eggs --- $60/dozen.

IMPORTANT: We do not, under any circumstance, guarantee that your eggs will hatch! Many factors beyond our control may contribute to incubation success or failure.
Info: My line of royal palms are strictly black and white like the standard calls for. The line is from a top show breeder.
Standard adult weights: toms - 22 pounds, hens - 12 pounds.

The Royal Palm is a strikingly attractive and small sized turkey variety. They are white with a sharply contrasting, metallic black edging on the feathers. The saddle is black and the tail is pure white with each feather having a band of black and an edge of white. The coverts are white with a band of black, and the wings are white with a narrow edge of black on each feather. The breast is white with the exposed portion of each feather ending in a band of black to form a contrast of black and white similar to the scales of a fish. The turkeys have deep pink shanks and toes, light brown eyes, and black beards.
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