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Nigerian Dwarf Goats***Now available and ready to go!!!

Name: Nigerian Dwarf Goats***Now available and ready to go!!!
Color: spotted variety
Description: We have an outstanding black and white Dalmatian spotted buck that has blue eyes and is polled. He is our senior herd sire. He has produced all gorgeous spotted kids to date. We will list pictures as soon as we can.

We have also obtained a gorgeous spotted tri-color buck out of fabulous bloodlines. He will have his first babies on the ground in 2016. We look forward to seeing them!

All of the goats listed below will sell with either an ADGA application or an AGS application unless otherwise noted. They can be double registered once they are registered in AGS or ADGA registries. They can also be registered NDGA once they are registered AGS.
Info: We currently have the following young stock available for sale. A deposit of $100 will hold until weaned.

1) Unique black and white spotted Oct. 2015 registered AGS buck. He is polled with blue eyes. He has beautiful markings and good bloodlines. He is ready to breed your does for $400.

2) Tri-color spotted buck with blue eyes. Beautiful build and excellent bloodlines. He is ready to breed your does. This awesome buck is offered at $350 with application.

3) Chocolate and white polled wether. Ready to go to a great home. $175.

4) Buck - Tri-color buckling that is polled and has blue eyes. He is a little sweetie. If you are looking for a great young buckling check him out. He is offered at $400.

5) Tri-color doe born on 2/20/2017. Gorgeous with a lot of color and roaning. If you are looking for a beautiful doe to add to your herd she is $400. She can be triple registered

6 Dark Tri-color buck born on 2/20/2017. He is a twin to the above listed doe. He is super colorful and super sweet. If you are looking for quality to add to your herd he is offered at $350. He can be triple registered.

We can put you on a waiting list for free if you are interested in a particular Nigerian Dwarf baby due in the Spring. A variety of colors from a few solid to spotted to moon spotted, blue eyes and polled are possible.
Registered bucks start at $350.
Registered does start at $400.
Wethers are available for $175.
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